1. justame smith says

    just got my blendtec on sale at Costco for 249. you also get a lifetime warranty with Costco. Great price and great blender. does unbelievable things.

  2. bigbangnone says

    As a designer, I recommend this blender. I have one and there is a world of difference between the 5300 and Nutra-bullet. The 5300 is much better for the following reasons:

    1) I can make 3 smoothies at once and place in frige for later

    2) Because of the 11.5 Amp motor combined with a flat blade, (not curved like Blendex) the VITAMIX 5300 blade reaches incredible RPM's and slices my smoothie veges down to the micron levels which makes them more creamy and delicious and easier to absorb than any that I have tried.

    3) 11Amp motors provide many more years of reliability.

    4) This blender is not noisy – and I have not detected any over heating of the 11.5 Amp motor.

    5) It also does not need a timer. It takes less than 30sec to do it's thing for most smoothie ingredients.

    6) Costco $399.

  3. nambinhvu says

    I thought you said you could set it and do stuff while it blended.  Looked like you had to monitor the Vitamix and continuously plunge it, only the Blendtec allowed you to walk away.

    You blend the apple with the core? o.O You're getting lots of arsenic in your diet. haha

  4. chakaloso78 says

    i got mine at costco 'my blendtec' about 14 months ago for 400 dollars and some change don't remember exactly it comes with 8 year warranty, no problems so far and we use it every day 
     i'm glad i when with the blendtec instead of the vitamix i love my blendtec you just push a button and your done and i know the vitamix works great too but blendtec it's easier to use and to clean

  5. misfit says

    Both prohibitive in the UK. In the US they are approx. $380 or £240 but in the UK you will pay £399 and the cheapest I have seen for the Vitamix is £330.  Blender retailers this is a rip off.  From the research I have undertaken the Vitamix has been reviewed as the best but I can not compare as too expensive in the UK.  If pricing was comparable for the dollar value I would not have an issue but it is not.

  6. alan30189 says

    Why can't the Vitamix designers get that thing a couple of inches shorter so it fits under the cabinet on your kitchen counter? Blendtec does. Come on, Vitamix!

  7. armando hernandez says

    I think to be fair you should have put the whole apple in to the Blendtec as you did on the Vitamix.
    Since they say the plunger is not needed for their machine 

  8. Eva G says

    I bought the Blendtec designer series last night at Bed Bath and Beyond, and the warranty is 8 years in store.

  9. jojo jacinto says

    man I like your kitchen you use to much of your time talking than showing didn't show much how it really match both blender try make it more show on the blender more power to you bro.

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