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Blendtec Designer vs Signature vs Total Blender Classic vs Stealth Review by Blender Babes


  1. OneSweetWorldLIOG says

    Thank you so much for making this video.  I've been trying to decide which Blendtec to buy for years and finally feel I can select the right one for me.

  2. Happily Vegan says

    I had a ninja, it sucked. At my job there is a blendtec which is powerful and does make smooth smoothies, but I decided to go with a vitamix and I'm so happy I did. Vitamixes are so much more versatile. Mine was $500 because $1000 is getting a little ridiculous. I definitely like it more than the blendtec. The tamper stick makes a big difference. 

  3. Ardeshir Lashkary says

    Are these realistic tests? You don't even bring the cost of the hi end blenders into account. How many people can afford a $1100 professional blender? Why do we always have to be so class conscious in our comparisons!? The question is do you get a slightly smoother blend at 3x the price? Perhaps, but is that a realistic comparison for the average consumer? I purchased the blendtec and Oster Versa 1100 the blendtec was 3.5 times the cost not 3.5 times better by a long shot. The point is a commercial kitchen or company testers can justify these costs based on return on investment, or the fact that they get them for free but not the average consumer. 

  4. Catherine Miura says

    Thanks for the review. I've been wanting to see the differences between the signature and designer series. 

  5. plumi75 says

    Thank you for the review. Really well presented. I dont like the background video though :) You were a great help to compare different devices. You are so lucky in the US. Here in Europe the prices are double and only very limited models are offered. Besides…. the US model doesnt work in Europe due to 220-240V at 50Hz power grid were in the US you run 120V power usage. Any suggestion were to buy Blendtec in Europe, e.g. UK or Germany? Thank you.

  6. Nate Silvers says

    Thanks for the awesome review. Speed 9 wounds way louder on the classic than the Designer. I hate how loud the blendtecs get after speed 8, it's just insane you need to wear ear muffs.

  7. penguin6636 says

    Vs? It would have been helpful if you had blended them all separately. The only reason I clicked this video was to see the stealth in action vs the other models. Can't tell the difference when they're all going at once :( 

  8. Yodaismycopilot says

    Is the "pulse" always the same speed? Or can it be adjusted? If not, what speed is "pulse?" Thanks!

  9. KravDr says

    Awesome review!! Very well spoken and presented. You showed your human side when you made a mistake when turning it on (we all make mistakes). You are beautiful and did a wonderful presentation. Thank you!!

  10. Eric Peters says

    You are absolutely gorgeous! I would love to have a personal one on one blending demo with you anytime. :)

  11. Allene Jue says

    Hi! Do all the blenders make the same type of smoothie consistency? I get a smoothie from a place that uses the Stealth blender, but not looking to spend $1500! Does the blade / power matter? Or will all smoothies come out the same regardless. 

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